2017 Special Events

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Jenny Bird

Betty Stookey Morning

nina_zeldin2Qigong with
Nina Zeldin

Bonfire & Sacred Drumming

Interspiritual Worship Service

Morning Meditation with Betty Stookey 

Begin your day in silent and guided contemplation with Rev. Betty Stookey. The morning meditation, on Saturday from 7:00 — 7:45 a.m.,  is open to everyone, regardless of experience. Betty uses the methods of conscious breathing taught by The Buddha and used by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, scholar, poet and peace activist. These simple methods can increase awareness of our own body and mind, which can bring immediate joy and peace. Betty is back by popular request, having provided meaningful meditation sessions at prior Downeast Spiritual Life Conferences.

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About Betty
betty_stookey_2014bA teacher and ordained minister of the United Church of Christ, Betty’s multifaith vision of religion appreciates, honors and respects the truths and traditions of other belief systems and sees expressions of the Divine in many spiritual leaders. She and her husband Noel Paul Stookey (of the folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary), have developed a program called One Light Many Candles ( which, through word and song, reflects the diversity and integrity of individual faith, while seeking to build a global spiritual community. Betty believes that we must try to overcome our religious differences and embrace our commonality without fear of losing our spiritual integrity.



The Spirit of Schoodic

Why Schoodic?
Panoramic ocean views, pounding surf, spectacular sunsets, secluded woodlands, a rugged shoreline, wild headlands, quiet coves. Solitude, peace, healing.

People have come to this beautiful area for more than 5,000 years, beginning with early native Americans. It is the perfect setting to fill our need for emotional and spiritual renewal. To give us respite from the day to day. To refresh and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit.

But just as importantly, it encourages us to be responsible stewards — to be sacred activists — and keep it safe for generations to come.

Your Spirit. Your World.
Connecting Heart, Earth & Soul