2017 Special Events

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Jenny Bird

Betty Stookey Morning

nina_zeldin2Qigong with
Nina Zeldin

Bonfire & Sacred Drumming

Interspiritual Worship Service

toddglacydrummingCook-Out, Bonfire & Sacred Drumming

Close the day with joy and celebration and share with others what you’ve learned and experienced from your time together. An outdoor cook-out, bonfire and a spiritual drumming experience with Todd Glacy will connect you with each other and the natural world all around you. The drumming session will be around a bonfire and begin after the cookout.

Join the drumming circle after dinner. Create — and experience — our collective voice as we prepare to end our time together. Bring your own drum if you have one. Otherwise, borrow one of the five or six that Todd Glacy will provide. We will use this time to create our group voice and also to speak as individuals of special moments in the conference, and what we learned about ourselves and our potential to change our world.


ueventNote: Although all are welcome to participate in the campfire and drumming circle, meal tickets for the cook-out must be ordered at time of registration through the Schoodic Institute’s UEvent system. You also may bring your own food / picnic fare.




Sacred Drums

Drumming circles that create sacred space are thousands of years old. In the words of Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart:

“The drum circle offers equality because there is no head or tail. It includes people of all ages. The main objective is to share rhythm and get in tune with each other … To form a group consciousness. To entrain and resonate. By entrainment, I mean that a new voice, a collective voice, emerges from the group as they drum together.”