Your Spirit. Your World.
Connecting Heart, Earth & Soul

It is your spirit. It is your world. Each of us wants to make a mark on this world. What does your mark look like? Do you express love? Will you help heal the planet and its people? Do you have enough faith in yourself to take up the challenge? The 2017 Downeast Spiritual Life Conference will explore these questions and help you identify and express your longing for a meaningful life that brings justice and healing to the world. 

Allow our inspiring speakers, workshops, music concert, drumming circles, Qigong, meditation and the very beauty of creation on the Schoodic Peninsula to help you look at your life from a new perspective, that of a sacred activist. In this world you are unique. And your journey as a sacred activist will be just as unique as you are. This conference will provide an inspirational environment for you to begin to envision your own path.

Each of these individuals has said “yes” to the call of love in their own way. Through such outpourings of love we CAN create an indestructible spirit for good in this world … your world.


mirabai-starr150x150Saying ‘Yes’ to the Call of Love”Mirabai Starr
Keynote speaker Mirabai Starr is a luminary in the emerging inter-spiritual movement that focuses on the loving spirituality that is common to all the world’s religions. And, she is an activist. Her resolve is to integrate the heart, the soul, and the body to the benefit of all three. Mirabai teaches and speaks widely on contemplative practice, inter-spiritual experience, inter-spiritual activism, and the transformational power of loss.
mona_hadar2sq“In the Name of Love” | Mona Haydar
Muslim poet, performance artist and activist Mona Haydar practices a life of sacred activism, poetry, contemplation and advocacy for living gently upon the Earth. She tries to heal the divide between Islam and the West and teaches classes and retreats on mindfulness and Islamic spirituality, leads workshops on creative writing and performs her poetry. Mona helps to grow a more universal love with her activism, writing, performing and teaching.
fletcher_harper“Faith and Spirituality in Action for the Earth” | Fletcher Harper
The Rev. Fletcher Harper reminds us that stewardship of the earth is our sacred responsibility. He is the head of GreenFaith, an international, interfaith environmental organization that supports leadership training and advocacy for faith leaders from diverse backgrounds. An award-winning writer and preacher, he provides inspiring examples of moral, spiritual leadership, and discusses concrete steps you can take in your community to protect and heal our precious planet.
chris-with-tats-by-chris-romano“Healing through Adversity” | Chris Grosso
Chris Grosso is an “Indie Spiritualist” who practices a dogma-free spirituality. He is passionate about his work with people who are in the process of healing or struggling with an addiction of any kind. From wisdom gained after overcoming his own drug addiction, Chris helps us learn to love and accept ourselves and develop the self-confidence we need to become sacred activists.
dana1sq“Exploring the Mystic Heart of All Religions and Spirituality” | Dana Sawyer
What is mystical experience? Professor of Religion and Philosophy Dana Sawyer addresses the relationship between religion, spirituality and mystical experience.  He analyzes the mystical experience from various religious viewpoints and discusses the “transcendent unity” that may be at the core of all spirituality.
todd-glacyThe Gong Journeywork Experience” | Todd Glacy
Todd Glacy is a sacred sound musician and spiritual facilitator.  He uses unique gong sounds and music to create sacred, meditative space, offering transformational experiences within that space — experiences that encourage and empower people to relax, tune in and reconnect with their truest and most authentic selves.



toddglacydrumming“MUSIC TO FEED THE SPIRIT” WITH JENNY BIRD. Called the “most passionate performer in the new folk genre,” Jenny’s music is about “finding melody in the silence and manifesting music to set the spirit free.” Her music will touch, transform, and inspire you to sing all the way home.

And …

An outdoor cook-out, bonfire and a spiritual drumming experience with Todd Glacy will connect you with each other and the natural world all around you. Bring your own drum and join in!

The Downeast Spiritual Life Conference is sponsored by the Spiritual Life and Learning Center at St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church in Blue Hill, Maine. The conference is committed to a multi-faith approach to the life of the spirit.