Who was this 1st-century peasant called Jesus?

  • What was at the heart of his teachings?
  • Why did some gospel writers put words in Jesus’ mouth that he never said?
  • Is there some way to determine what he actually did say?
  • How does Jesus’ wisdom compare with that of non-Christian wisdom teachers?

DESL_logoAs intelligent seekers who would like to know more about the
true teachings of Jesus, how can we find reliable answers to these questions?

JSOR_logo2The 2016 Downeast Spiritual Life Conference —“Jesus and the Heart of Wisdom”— will help us do just that. This year we are partnering with the Jesus Seminar on the Road to bring you ways of thinking about Jesus that are the result of more than 10 years of extensive research by the fellows of the Jesus Seminar. These have included leading theologians, philosophers, Old Testament and New Testament biblical scholars as well as anthropologists and archeologists. The goal of the Jesus Seminar was to renew the quest for the historical Jesus and his authentic spoken words and then to report the results of this research to the general public.

Guest Speakers

We are honored to have two Jesus Seminar critical scholars with us at this year’s conference, both of whom are highly regarded authors and workshop leaders.

Robert J. Miller is Rosenberger Chair of Christian and Religious Studies at Juniata College in Pennsylvania and David Galston is the academic director of the Westar Institute and the Ecumenical Chaplain at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, where he is also an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy.

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